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Territories of Complicity

Territories of Complicity takes the free port as referential starting point to explore how covert systems, technological infrastructures, and zones of exception shape our economic, socio-political realities. As a dynamic crossroads for global circulatory systems, with its camouflaged jurisdictions and opportunistic exemptions, the free port not only refers to the state’s complicity in authorizing and securing global capitalism, but also functions as a counter-image to the stalled movements of migration. Against the backdrop of increasing nationalism and populist demands for immigration caps and walls—ostensibly to protect national economies and values—the featured projects investigate the long-standing relations between the organization of space, accumulation of wealth, and racialized control of bodies.

Territories of Complicity was coproduced with Abandon Normal Devices, Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, The Influencers, and STRP as part of the New Networked Normal with the support of the Creative Europe program of the European Union.

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A Becoming Resemblance

The guest exhibition A Becoming Resemblance by Heather Dewey-Hagborg and Chelsea Manning investigates emerging technologies of genomic identity construction and their role in our societal moment. The project started in 2015, when Dewey-Hagborg first began to produce the portraits, using DNA from cheek swabs and hair clippings that Manning mailed out of prison. During her incarceration Chelsea’s image had been suppressed; the artistic collaboration with Heather gave her back a form of visibility.

Hate Library

Installed as a public reference resource, Hate Library explores the language of far-right political groups and parties across contemporary Europe, especially their use of online forums as recruiting and collaboration tools. The library’s interrelated components mix allegory and literalism by presenting texts as documentary artworks within a symbolic and social stage for reading, understanding, and dialog. Hate Library documents several of the positions adopted by far-right and right-wing communities.

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