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citizens of nowhere (context collapse)


citizens of nowhere (context collapse)


Yuri Pattison’s installation citizens of nowhere (context collapse) examines the complex relationship between the making, manipulation, and simulation of experiences, as well as new ordering and presentation principles of information. It looks at how these principles significantly shape complex and contradictory national or global identities. In citizens of nowhere / context collapse (surveys 01.2018), model worlds of famous locations and monuments from different parts of the world are depicted, on show at New York attraction Gulliver’s Gate and the Japanese miniature park Tobu World Square. The models point towards subjective and collective versions of history and truth in relation to national identities. For the work Vitra Alcove (some border thoughts), a sofa has been placed in front of the monitor. It features an audio piece of a voice reading out tweets on the topics of borders, security, and paranoia, collected and generated by Pattison. citizens of nowhere (context collapse) builds upon themes established in earlier works from this series, which revolve around the role of visual cultures, communication technologies, and the organization of space.

"citizens of nowhere (context collapse)" by Yuri Pattison, part of the exhibition "Territorries of Complicity" at transmediale 2018 face value


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