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Perspective du sous-sol


Perspective du sous-sol


Olivier Zabat’s Perspective du sous-sol (Basement Perspective) features Jouko Ahola, a former strongman and powerlifter from Finland who now works primarily as an actor. He is shown working out at the gym and turning his cellar into a meticulously decorated home cinema. The second part of the film stages a disturbing physical fight: Ahola is attacked by three men while he tries to resist and keep up with reciting passages from Franz Kafka’s unfinished novella Der Bau (The Burrow). In this posthumous publication from 1931, Kafka tells the story of a mole-like animal that struggles to perfect a system of underground tunnels it has built over the course of its life in order to protect itself against enemies.

Perspective du sous-sol by Oliver Zabat, part of the film & video program of transmediale 2018 face value


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