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Disseminate and Hold


Disseminate and Hold


By taking the Minhocão (or “big worm”)—an elevated 1970s highway that runs through the heart of São Paulo—as an example, Disseminate and Hold investigates man-made geographies and landscapes, and how these are often enmeshed with political agendas and utopian visions. The film not only reflects on the history of the Minhocão, but also on its complex relationships with the surrounding buildings and the inhabitants of São Paulo. “My work represents the gesture of taking a controversial structure like the Minhocão built in difficult political times, and giving it back to the citizens, as an escape, a way out of the highway, with other stories, as an inhabitable surface.” (Rosa Barba)

Disseminate and Hold by Rosa Barba, part of the film & video program of transmediale 2018 face value


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