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Fuck off Google! Rebel “Kiez” vs. the Hyper-Crapitalist Life-Colonizing Colossus


Fuck off Google! Rebel “Kiez” vs. the Hyper-Crapitalist Life-Colonizing Colossus

Fri, 02.02.2018
14:00 - 15:30

What if collective participation in decentralized actions enabled us to mitigate the gentrification of our neighborhoods, while exposing hyper-crapitalist colonialism and its deadly extractivist model based on mass-surveillance? Neighbors, families, rebels, hackers, artists, and researchers organize and build counter-narratives to kick the Google Campus project out of Kreuzberg. This local mobilization exposes the way sell-out politics, digitization, and start-up-ification of our societies tear apart our spaces and communities. Google has become a perfect symbol of global entities stronger than states, violating human rights, evading laws and taxes, while profiting from people’s free labour, data, and livelihoods. No longer just the largest monopoly player of the internet, Google has quickly mutated into Alphabet, one of the most powerful speculative business conglomerates on Earth. Join this workshop to connect local actions and their global implications with joy and passion: an occasion to celebrate a diversity of tactics, rethink our relationship with technology, discuss decentralized tools that empower humans rather than enslave them, and formulate concrete plans for participation and action.


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